Canisbay Lake Campground

Canisbay Lake Campground

Map of Canisbay Lake Campground

Canisbay Campground
Algonquin Park, ON
K0J 2M0

Private Campground

On the shores of Canisbay Lake, just off Highway 60 near the Track and Tower Hiking Trail, this campground has a different setting than many of the other campgrounds in the park. The trees here are deciduous, making it a beautiful option for fall camping when the leaves are changing color. Most of the campsites are in forested loops rather than waterfront. The campground has a total of 242 sites, with electrical, non-electrical, and radio and pet-free zones. Despite the large number of sites, the campground does not feel crowded or even large. The loops are well separated, and many of the sites are well spaced. The abundance of leaves, unlike the sites dominated by pines, provide a visual barrier and block some of the surrounding noise of other campers. Most sites here are medium size.

Amenities and Services

242 campsites
Radio-free zone
Dog-free zone
Recreational vehicle (RV) campsites
Good site seclusion
Electrical sites
Flush toilets (wheel chair accessible)
Showers (wheel chair accessible)
Laundry facilities
1 km paved road to campground
Paddle In Campsites

Nearby Attractions and Services

Paddle In Campsites
Cache Lake Access Point
Track and Tower Trail
Minnesing Mountain Bike Trail
Minnesing Wilderness Ski Trail

How to Get Here

The Canisbay Campground is located at km 23.1 of Highway 60.

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Campground Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations in provincial parks are intended to ensure the safety of park visitors, protect the park and its resources, and ensure our park visitors have an enjoyable stay. When in doubt, ask a Park Warden.

The following are some (not a complete list) of the more common laws enforced in provincial parks:

Permits are required for all visits to a park.
Campsites must be vacated by 2:00 pm on the permit expiry date.
All roofed accommodation must check out at 3:00pm on the permit expiry date.
No more than six people are permitted on a campground site unless they make up a single-family group of parents and children.
A maximum of three pieces of shelter equipment are permitted on a site.
Campsites must be kept clean and free of attractants for wildlife (e.g., bears, wolves, raccoons, etc.) at all times.
Alcohol is restricted to a registered campsite only, and is prohibited in all public areas including beaches and roadways.
Fireworks are prohibited.
Firearms are prohibited. The definition of a "firearm" includes a rifle, shotgun, air gun, pellet gun, paint ball gun, slingshot, bow or crossbow. The fine for unlawfully possessing a firearm in a Provincial Park is $240.00 and your firearm will be seized.
In campgrounds, removal or collection of live or dead wood is prohibited.
Pets must be kept under control at all times, and on a leash not longer than two metres. No pets in swimming areas or on beaches. You must clean up after your pet. Dogs should not be left alone on campsites to bark and disturb other campers. Dog-free areas are designated at Achray, Canisbay Lake, Mew Lake, and Pog Lake campgrounds (see campground maps for details). Pets are not allowed in yurts or on campsites with yurts, in ranger cabins, on the Mizzy Lake Trail, and in public buildings.
Rowdy behaviour, excessive noise, and obscene language is not tolerated at any time of day or night and may result in charges being laid and eviction.
Rules of the road (speed limits, seatbelts, Stop signs, etc.) apply in Algonquin. All roadways, including those in campgrounds, fall under the Highway Traffic Act which is enforced by Park Wardens.

Additional Backcountry Regulations

As well as many of the rules and regulations listed above, special rules and regulations apply to campers in the Park's backcountry:

Cans and bottles are prohibited.
No more than nine persons may occupy a backcountry campsite until 2:00 pm on the permit expiry date.
Follow the route specified on your permit.
Camp only on designated backcountry campsites (marked by an orange sign).
Roads not shown on the Canoe Routes of Algonquin Provincial Park map-brochure are closed to unauthorized travel. A Park permit is not authorization to travel on a closed road.
Motor restrictions apply in Algonquin.

Attention Anglers

Some of rules and regulations which apply to fishing in Algonquin Park include: (Refer to the "Recreation Fishing Regulations Summary" for more details and information)

Most Canadian residents need a licence to fish in Ontario (if at least 18 years of age but not 65).
All non-residents (age 18 years and older) require a licence to fish in Ontario.
Licence holders must carry their licence at all times when angling and show it upon request to an officer.
Fish should be packaged individually in clear plastic. A large patch of skin should be left on all fish fillets for identification purposes.
Possession or use of live baitfish are prohibited in Algonquin Park. Crayfish are classified as baitfish.
Fishing is prohibited within 100 metres of any dam in Algonquin Park.

Contact Info


Phone: 705-633-5572

Canisbay Campground is open from the May long weekend until Thanksgiving weekend. It is operated by Whiskey Jack Park Services under contract to Ontario Parks.

Online at
Telephone 1-888-ONT-PARK (1-888-668-7275)

Or 519-826-5290 for outside of North America

Ontario Parks charges fees for all developed camping in Algonquin Park.
Reservations can be made 5 months before your arrival date. For example, campers can reserve on February 1 for July 1.
A non-refundable reservation fee is charged when you make your reservation.
Reservations for campsites in developed campgrounds can be site-specific. To help choose a site, view our campground maps located on the specific developed campground page.
A campsite can be reserved for a minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 23 nights.
No more than 6 people can occupy a campsite (unless these people comprise a single-family group of parents, and their children)
1 vehicle is included in your camping fee - all other vehicles must purchase an Additional Vehicle Permit at the time of registration
Where space permits, you are allowed up to 3 pieces of shelter equipment plus one dining shelter/tarp on your campsite. Only one piece of shelter equipment can be a tent trailer, house trailer, motor home, or self-propelled camping unit.

Before Making Your Call

Before calling the Ontario Parks Reservation Service know the following:

the name of your preferred campground
your arrival and departure dates
the type of campsite required (hydro, tent or trailer, etc.)
your name, address, and postal code (reservations must be made in the name of the person who picks up the camping permit)
your telephone number
an email address (All bookings where an email address has been provide will receive their confirmation letter by email, including changes and cancellations. If an email address is not provided a confirmation letter will be sent by mail.)
the number of people in your party (maximum of 6 persons per campground campsite)
your vehicle licence plate number (maximum 1 vehicle per campsite - all other vehicles must purchase an "Additional Vehicle Permit" at the time of registration)
how you will be paying (if by credit card have its number and expiry date ready)

Changing or Canceling a Reservation

Reservations may be changed by contacting or telephone 1-888-ONT-PARK (1-888-668-7275)
A cancellation, change, and/or administrative fee may be applicable.

Your Arrival & Late Arrivals

For developed campground check in time is after 2:00pm, and check out time is before 2:00pm.
Reservations are only held until 8:00am the day following your scheduled arrival date. Reservations not claimed by this time will be considered a "no show" (and penalties may apply). See for more details.

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